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Sludge trucking ends as first stage of Mt Albert repair successfully completed

24 / May / 2020

The first of the Mt Albert sludge pipelines to be repaired using a high-strength liner has been returned to full operation, following a comprehensive testing programme and reconnection to the wastewater network. The high-pressure pipeline is now once again transporting sludge between the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Southern Landfill, enabling the interim trucking operations to be stopped.

Mt Albert sludge pipeline repair a step closer to completion

11 / May / 2020

Wellington Water has this weekend installed a high-strength liner through the first of two 1.8km sludge pipelines beneath Mt Albert. The unique operation took just over nine hours of continuous work led by the Germany-based team that manufactured the high-tech liner, and were given special permission by the Government to enter the country.

Project work at Alert Level 3

06 / May / 2020

Under Alert Level 3 we’ve been able to bring more of our projects back up to speed.

Moa Point wastewater pipe rehabilitation

29 / Apr / 2020

Work has begun on lining a section of wastewater pipe near Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant with a new, more resilient lining to maintain reliability.

Major work ready to start on Mt Albert sludge pipeline repair

29 / Apr / 2020

A temporary speed hump installed in Adelaide Road today signals the start of major repair works on the Mt Albert high-pressure sludge pipelines, following the arrival in Wellington of a team of specialist international technicians and essential materials and equipment.