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Managing flood risk in the Wellington Region

21 / Oct / 2020

We are undertaking a modelling programme to provide us with a better understanding of flood prone areas in the Wellington region.

All Martinborough residents and businesses are urged to conserve water

01 / Oct / 2020

Repairs at the treatment plant have been successful, and we are currently working to bring the plant back online. Thanks again to the residents of Martinborough for their conservation efforts so far. We continue to ask residents to keep their conservation efforts up through the weekend until Monday to assist with reservoir recovery.

Garden watering restrictions are now in place

27 / Sep / 2020

Garden watering restrictions are now in place for Porirua, Wellington, Lower and Upper Hutt, and South Wairarapa.

Porirua Wastewater Treatment Plant consent application update

25 / Sep / 2020

Porirua City Council is in the process of seeking a consent to continue operating the wastewater treatment plant for the next 20 years.

Two new directors appointed to the Board of Wellington Water

08 / Sep / 2020

The Wellington Water Committee has appointed two new directors to the Board of Wellington Water; Kim Skelton and Mike Underhill.