Water Sensitive Design

Water Sensitive (Urban) Design

Water sensitive design is an approach to fresh water management, it is applied to land use planning and development at complementary scales including region, catchment, development and site. Water sensitive design seeks to protect and enhance natural freshwater systems, sustainably manage water resources, and mimic natural processes to achieve enhanced outcomes for ecosystems and communities.

Water sensitive design is a best practice approach to improve water quality that can also achieve a wide range of benefits for biodiversity, liveability and enhancing public spaces.
Wellington Water is supporting the use of better management practices through the release of standards, guidelines and technical practice notes.

We are currently consulting on a new draft guideline Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater: Treatment Device Design Guideline. This guideline is intended to provide localised best practice for the design of four types of green infrastructure - constructed wetlands, rain gardens, swales, and pervious paving.

If you have suggestions or comments on the document, please make these in a copy of the word file (available below) using tracked changes. Please ensure that your username is correct in MS Word as this will make it easier for us to collate your comments. You can submit your comments on the guideline at any time up until 16 August 2019 by emailing your copy of the guideline with tracked changes to Francis.Leniston@wellingtonwater.co.nz

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Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater: Treatment Device Design Guideline - DRAFT

Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater: Treatment Device Design Guideline - Comments

Before using this guideline, it is important to complete a site assessment. Wellington Water intends to release further guidance to support this initial site assessment. Until such time, we recommend that the Auckland City Council Guideline Document, Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater (GD04), is used together with this guideline during the initial stages of design.

Design Phase

Recommended guidance1

Project Scoping

Early engagement with the Wellington Water Land Development Team

Site Assessment and Concept Design

GD04 Water Sensitive Design (Auckland City Council)

Preliminary and Detailed Design

Water Sensitive Design: Treatment Device Design Guideline (In Development)

1Recommended guidance materials are subject to version updates and may be superseded by the development of new guidelines.   

Other treatment methods and devices will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis, contact the Wellington Water Land Development Team to confirm specific design criteria, email land.development@wellingtonwater.co.nz

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