Adjusting, upgrading or extending

If you are constructing a new house/building, or undertaking a subdivision it may be necessary to adjust, upgrade or extend the existing drinking water, wastewater or stormwater networks to be able to make room within the site, allow building alongside and or provide service to properties.

An adjustment may be as small as raising or lowering an existing manhole to suit new ground levels or as large as relocating a section of network in a new position. An extension may be as small as adding a short section onto the existing end of a pipe or as large as planning new drinking water, wastewater or stormwater system (to be vested to Council) to service a multi lot subdivision.

The Regional Standard for Water Services, details the objectives, performance criteria and design requirements when undertaking any works on the existing public three waters networks or creating new public three waters network. Individual Council Code of Practices also provide some additional guidance.

The Regional Specification for Water Services, lists the technical requirements for materials and methods used in construction of three waters infrastructure.

Safety in Design hazard identification and assessments are to be integrated into the design. The design consider how to eliminate, isolate or minimise the risks of death, injury and ill health to those who will construct, operate, maintain, replace, decommission or demolish an asset.

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Who do I need to contact if I want to make changes to the public network?

Engineering approval is required for all adjustments, upgrades or extensions to the three waters networks. 

Application for engineering approval for works as part of a subdivision:

Wellington City Council

Apply Wellington Water

Hutt City Council

Apply Hutt City Subdivision Team

Upper Hutt City Council

Apply Wellington Water

Porirua City Council

Apply PCC Manager Resource Consent and Wellington Water

Application for engineering approval for works outside of a subdivision: