We supply 4.1 million litres of water per day (on average) to Greytown, Featherston, Martinborough and Pirinoa.

These supplies serve a resident population of about 7,200 people. So, on average we provide about 569 litres per resident each day. Not all of this water is used in homes. Council estimates show that households use a bit over 64% of the total supply. Other users include industry, businesses, schools, hospitals, the fire service and councils.

Drinking water in South Wairarapa comes from four sources:

  • Four bores that take water from next to the Waiohine River, supplying both Featherston and Greytown
  • A single groundwater bore in Memorial Park, Greytown, supplying Greytown only.  The bore is recharged from the Waiohine river
  • Three bores that take water from next to the Ruamahanga River, supplying Martinborough
  • One groundwater bore supplying Pirinoa.


Featherston and Greytown water collection area

The towns of Featherston and Greytown get their water from the Waiohine River. The catchment of the Waiohine River is in the Tararua Ranges and is covered in native bush. The bores are adjacent the river on Waiohine Valley Road, north of Woodside. Water from the Waiohine River is pumped to the treatment plant and is disinfected using UV treatment and Chlorine.

The treated water is stored in storage tanks before the water is piped along Underhill Road to Featherston and along Woodside road to Greytown. There are also storage tanks in Featherston in Boar Bush Gully Road.

Water from the bore at Memorial Park is also treated using UV and chlorine, and is supplied directly into the water supply network.

Martinborough water collection area

Martinborough’s water supply is taken from groundwater that is pumped from four bores at Herricks Wells. These bores are on farm land close to the Ruamahanga River. From Herricks Wells water is pumped to a treatment plant where it is disinfected using UV and chlorine, and onto the town’s water network. At the far end of the network there are four reservoirs which store excess water, which flows by gravity into the pipe network.

Pirinoa water collection area

The water supplied to Pirinoa is taken from one bore, and is treated using ozone, filtration, UV and chlorine and is then stored in two storage tanks. The treated water is then pumped into the town pipe network.