Save water in the bathroom and laundry

Clean yourself and your clothes using less water thanks to water efficient technology available from local retailers now.

Choose a shower or washing machine with a good water rating.  Check the number of blue stars on the water rating label before you buy. 

Showerheads and power savings  

Save money too!

Water efficient showerheads and appliances help you save on operating costs too, because less water is heated or moved about.  

Check out our FAQs on showers and washing machines and our leaflets at the bottom of the page.

Why waste a river on cleaning?

A mighty two-thirds of the tap water supplied to our four cities is used in our homes.  The shared water supply of Porirua, Hutt, Wellington and Upper Hutt cities relies on three rivers.  Water take is limited to protect the rivers and our environment.

Our cities are growing, our water supply is not.  Choosing a good water rating for everyday activities helps everyone get the water they need.

More about water rating labels

Comparing appliances and products