Did you know the Ministry of Health Drinking Water Standards recommend that you flush 500ml of water from your drinking-water tap each morning before use?

This is because all drinking water is plumbosolvent, which means it can dissolve very small amounts of metals if they come into contact with them. Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Wellington and South Wairarapa drinking water is described as ‘soft’ water, because there is less calcium and magnesium content.   Read more

Blue staining

Blue staining is where a noticeable blue/green discoloration is seen in bathroom sinks and similar fixtures, commonly around plugholes and areas where taps drip or leak, and occurs primarily in older homes with copper plumbing (which may include copper underground pipe connections between the water main and the house). What causes blue staining?

It’s a sign of a phenomenon technically known as ‘cuprosolvency’.   Read more