From 11.59pm Tuesday 31 August, we will be entering Alert Level 3. As an essential service or crews have been out doing essential work during lockdown, to ensure that our water services continue to run smoothly. In Alert Level 3, our critical projects will be starting back up. This means you may see more of our workers in your area.

All projects running through Level 3 are critical works, which have been prioritised due to a specific set of criteria. These include potential risks to health and safety or the environment, faults in the network causing damage to public or private property, or an unacceptable impact on customers if work did not commence.

All of our essential workers are taking the following safety precautions, except in circumstances where it is operationally unsafe to do so:
⚠️ Physical distancing of 1 metre apart between crew members and 2 metres apart from the public.
⚠️ Mask wearing when physical distance cannot be achieved.
⚠️ Additional hygiene practices such as hand sanitizing.
⚠️ Contact tracing.

If you see our workers out and about, please be kind, and continue to give them their space to avoid bursting their bubbles.

Below is the list of projects that will start up again under Alert Level 3: 


Whitmore, Bowen St Rising Main

Karori Water Reform

Severn St Watermain Project

Tawa Stormwater Improvements

Cavendish Square Wastewater Renewals

Omaroro Reservoir

WCC Town Hall Watermain Realignment


Port Road Watermain Renewal

Sharpe Cres, Stanley St Watermain Renewal

Petrie Street Watermain Renewal

Naenae Renewals

Barber Grove Project


Paremata Wastewater Pipe Repair

Porirua Central Stormwater Upgrades

Titahi Bay Renewals

Porirua WWTP UV Upgrade


Pempsey Street Watermain Renewal

Pinehaven Stormwater Culverts

Belmont Road Watermain Valve Project


Waiohine Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Memorial Park Water Treatment Upgrades

Fitzherbert Street Investigations

Papawai Wastewater Renewal