Update 21 September

With all the pipework now installed across the Terrace intersection, the team has spent the last week digging a 15m long, 4m deep launch pit from which we will ram a casing under the Lambton Quay intersection.

This should mean that no holes will need to be dug in the intersection itself, where traffic movements would make things difficult. Trenchless methods, such as pipe ramming, are a great way of reducing disruption to the travelling public, minimising some of the risks associated with digging holes in busy streets and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

While the pipe ramming itself is a noisy activity, it will be kept to normal working hours with noise curtains erected to contain the noise as far as possible. This phase of the project is expected to be completed within the week.

Up in Bowen St our team has now installed all the pipework across the Terrace intersection and we will be backfilling and reinstating over the next few days. We hope to have closed up that site by the end of next week and have returned the road to its normal operating state.

Update 1 September

Progress has been good over the past couple of weeks and we have our first few lengths of pipe in the ground. 

From the week beginning 31 August, we will be reinstating the road and pedestrian crossing and moving the site over to the eastern side of the Terrace intersection. This means that the right turn restriction from Bowen St into The Terrace will also be removed.

We have a few weeks' work to get across the remainder of the intersection and then the team will be moving into Whitmore St just south of Lambton Quay to tackle another critical part of the project. 

As always, we thank everyone for their patience while we work to upgrade our Capital city's wastewater network. 


Update 20 July 2020


Once work gets underway on Monday 10 August, there will be traffic disruptions for the duration of the project, expected to take six months. While the road will remain open in both directions, to safely undertake this work, we will need to permanently close some lanes in sections along Whitmore Street and Bowen Street. project.

Traffic management will be in place 24/7 and on-street parking in the area alongside the worksite will be restricted to accommodate this.

Work will start at the two key intersections with the Terrace and Lambton Quay. Due to the importance of the Lambton Quay/Bowen Street intersection, work in this area will be done by trenchless means to reduce the impact on buses and pedestrians in the area.

You can view a map of the project showing affected areas here 

The main construction work will generally be from 7:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Saturday. We will also be undertaking nighttime work between 5:00pm – 2:00am Monday to Saturday. For specific aspects of the project, we will need to undertake some work during the weekend.

As always we apologise for any disruptions but hope people will be patient as we carry out this critical work investing in our city’s future. And we encourage drivers to avoid the area or travel at non-pe

What's happening?

We are constructing a new rising sewer main for the Wellington CBD.  

The rising main (pipe which conveys sewage under pressure from a pumping station) will be constructed from the Whitmore and Featherston intersection up Whitmore and Bowen Street to connect to the main interceptor sewer outside the Bowen Campus.  Starting in August the works are expected to continue for six months.