GWRC Porirua branch pipeline extension to Conclusion Street

Update 4 November

To allow for installation of a valve chamber at Conclusion Street your water supply will need to be shut down on Tuesday since there is a 50mm diameter watermain that requires shifting.

Water supply Shutdown, Tuesday 5 November, 10.00am until 2.00pm.
• If you have a medical dependence on water and have not already informed us about this, please get in contact with James Craig as soon as possible.
• If you need water during this period, you should fill up suitable containers before the water is due to be turned off.
• Try not to use the hot taps while the water is off, the hot water cylinder may be damaged if the water level gets too low.
• Do not use washing machines, automatic dishwashers, or other appliances that use water during the shut-off period as they may be damaged if used without water. Please check the water is back on before using any machine.

When the water supply is turned back on, the water may have a milky-white appearance. This is caused by air in the pipes and should clear quickly. It will not affect taste or quality.

Update 15 October

We are installing a new bulk water main to provide resilience and cater for growth in eastern Porirua.

We are getting under way with the installation of a chamber and pipework in Warspite Avenue and Conclusion Street, Waitangirua.

This project is part of our Greater Wellington Regional Council project to install a new bulk additional water main pipe, providing resilience and catering for growth in eastern Porirua.

The work will take about one month from 21 October to 21 November 2019. To minimise the length of disruption, hours of work will generally be 7:00am – 10:00pm Monday to Friday, with some Saturdays if required.

Traffic management will change throughout the project, and we will continue to advise each major change of traffic management.
On 21 October, a one-way system will be in place with a detour route along Conclusion Street and Desert Gold Street.
Please minimise using the intersection of Warspite Avenue and Conclusion Street, as there will likely be traffic delays. Where possible we will open two lanes for peak periods and out of hours.

Conclusion St

• G.P Friel Ltd, Dave Philipson – 022 657 2402

• James Craig, Wellington Water – 021 826 493

After hours, please contact the Porirua City Council contact centre on 04 237 5089.

Update 9 August

The map below shows the progress of this project as at 7 August 2019.
Progress map as at 7 August 2019

Update 28 June

Today outside house number 367 Warspite, bus stop NO. 2128 will be temporarily moved 20mtrs towards Conclusion St as trench work will directly affect the above bus stop. A temporary bus stop outside house number 377 Warspite Avenue has been installed.

What's happening?

We will soon be undertaking the laying of a pipeline extension on behalf of Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) at Ascot Park in Porirua. This work will be carried out along Warspite Avenue, Omapere Street and through the Skyline Reserve to Cleat St and will take place from 15 April to 2 August 2019. There will traffic management measures while the work is carried out as this pipeline route is within the road reserve.

This work will take about 20 weeks from 8 April to the end of August 2019. Hours of work will generally be 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, with some Saturdays worked if necessary. However, work will generally be 7am-5pm during the two weeks of school holidays, starting 15 April 2019.

omapere watermain project

Watermain extension length shown between the two yellow dots

While work areas will be fenced off, we will make sure that you have access to your property at all times. There may be times when a contractor needs to gain access to a property. We’ll give you at least 24 hours’ notice of this, and you can contact our project team if you have any concerns about that.

When we are working within the Skyline Reserve, it will be necessary to temporarily close the pedestrian footpath from Omapere Street to Staysail Place from 8 April until early-June 2019. This will help us get the work done as quickly as possible and keep the public safe.

Porirua Branch footpath closure 1000 scale
Footpath closure from Omapere St to Staysail Pl

On-street car parking in the area alongside the worksite will be restricted and we ask you to please not park your vehicle within the coned areas. This will help us to get the work done as quickly as possible. There may be some delay for traffic passing through the worksite during working hours as well.

What's involved?

We're laying of 830m 375mm diameter Ductile Iron Bulk Pipeline.  About 130m of this pipeline will be laid using expandable Kurimoto Ductile Iron pipe as a long term trial. Work will also include a new scour branch and air valve. Tie-ins to the existing pipeline network at Conclusion Street and Cleat Street will involve the WWL Pipelines team. 

Who's involved?

G.P Friel Ltd (Contractor), Dave Philipson - 022 657 2402
Wellington Water Ltd (Project Manager), James Craig – 021 826 493

After Hours please contact the Porirua City Council contact centre on 04 237 5089.