What's happening?

We are replacing the bulk water supply pipe that runs underneath the northern end of Whitemans Road and the rail line at Silverstream Train Station through to Fergusson Drive. The pipe is part of a critical water supply network that carries water to the Whitemans Valley area. (Please see map below)

The section of pipe Wellington Water is replacing is old and has already failed once, in 2017, causing significant disruption. Replacing this pipe will minimise the risk of future pipe failures and improve the long-term resilience of the areas bulk water supply.

We are:

  • Digging below the road, railway line and stormwater culverts to install 150 metres of new pipe from the bulk water pipe on Fergusson Drive to the bulk water pipe on Whitemans Road.
  • Installing two new concrete manholes.

We will be installing 120 metres of pipe using open trenching and 30 metres of pipe using a trenchless pipe ramming method.

What does this mean for you?

While we’ll try our best not to cause disruption, this work will require us to put traffic management in place, and create some construction noise.

Bus stops on Gard Street, Fergusson Drive, and Whitemans Road will be temporarily relocated to ensure public safety during key construction dates. Relocated bus stops will be clearly sign-posted.

Approximately 30 car parks will be unavailable from the Metlink carpark off Fergusson Drive from 3 July to 16 August, and 8 car parks on Gard Street will be unavailable from 3 July through to September.

Water supply and train services will not be affected as part of this work.

We thank you for your patience while we work to improve the water infrastructure in your area.


July to August 2022


Metlink Silverstream Park and Ride car park

Trenching 74 metres across the Metlink car park on Fergusson drive, under the rail line to the Metlink car park on Gard Street.

August to October 2022

Gard Street - Trenching 16 metres along the pedestrian crossing beside the roundabout to the corner of Silverstream School at the intersection of Gard Street and Whitemans Road.

August to October 2022

Whitemans Road - Trenching 40 metres along Whitemans Road from the Silverstream shops roundabout to the Silverstream Bakery.

October to November 2022

Fergusson Drive - Trenching 14 metres from outside St Patrick’s College tennis courts, across Fergusson Drive to the Metlink car park exit.

October to December 2022

Water connections in Whitemans Road, the Metlink car park and Fergusson Drive.

December 2022 to January 2023

Decommissioning the existing pipe – requiring access from Kiln Street.


Send us feedback or ask a question. Please email: info@wellingtonwater.co.nz

Contractor Contact: Dave Philipson, G.P Friel Ltd, 022 657 2402

Wellington Water Contact: Andrew Lim, 021 307 023 

After hours, please contact the Upper Hutt City Council Call Centre on 04 527 2169 and say you are calling about the Silverstream bulk water supply pipe renewal.