Alert Level 3

This project is critical and essential and will start up under Alert Level 3. All of the necessary safety precautions will be followed, including the use of PPE.

This project was scheduled to begin on the 18th August 2021, and will now start up in Level 3. 


Naenae wastewater pipe renewal

What's happening?

On behalf of Hutt City Council, we are preparing to upgrade some of the wastewater pipes in your area and we need to undertake investigations of the existing network. These investigations require us to access and inspect wastewater pipes located on your property.

The investigation work will take up to one week, starting on Thursday 1 October 2020. 

Hours of work

 The hours of work will be Monday to Saturday from 8am – until 5.30 pm.

The work will involve a visual assessment of the connection pipe from your property to the council wastewater main, as well as an inspection of any access manholes. Most of these pipes and manholes are located at the rear of properties. We will also take survey measurements and photographs of the area.

There will be several people conducting the inspection, and they will have some survey equipment on-site. While we expect some noise to be generated at times, we will do our best to keep this to a minimum.

Our team will knock at your door when coming onto your property. If no one’s home, they’ll begin working, and will leave a card to let you know they’ve been.

We will be sure that the work is carried out with the utmost care to ensure the safety of you, the public and our team.

After initial investigations are complete, we will assess if upgrades need to be carried out, and will contact you if further testing and investigations are required.

On-street car parking in the area alongside the worksite will be restricted and we ask you to please not park your vehicle within the coned areas. This will help us to get the work done as quickly as possible. There may be some delay for traffic passing through the worksite during working hours as well.


  • GHD (Consultant) Al Gibbons, 027 227 2198
  • After hours, please contact the Hutt City Council contact centre on 04 570 6666