What's happening?

We are upgrading the Memorial Park Water Treatment Plant in Soldiers Memorial Park, Greytown.

This project is part of a Wellington Water programme of upgrade works for South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) to enhance water treatment processes in the region. This work is set to begin early 2022.

Upgrade Work

The existing pump and instrumentation are aging and in need of replacement. Upgrade works are therefore required to the Memorial Park Water Treatment Plant, including:

- Installation of a new bore pump in the existing borehole;
- New Run to Waste (RTW) pipe and overflow chamber that flows to the Moroa water race;
- Clearing of excess sediment in an existing stormwater culvert and the immediate area of the Moroa water race; and
- Installation of a new containerised building to house new process equipment and chemical systems.

Why these upgrades are needed

The upgrade works will resolve the following issues:

- Water wastage – the existing pump is not designed to meet the low night time flows of the water network and water is being wasted
- Equipment failure – the existing pump and instrumentation are aging and are at the end of their useful life
- Groundwater supply contamination – the current facility is at high risk of of contamination (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia) entering the groundwater supply. The upgrade works will address this.
- Chemical storage – provide a fit-for-purpose chemical storage area.