Update 16 May 2022

We are renewing sections of wastewater pipe in Hania Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington. This work will take approximately 10 weeks from: 

23 May to 29 July 2022

Hours of work 8am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday

Occasionally our contractor may need to access private properties to locate wastewater laterals. There may also be some occasions when access to properties is restricted during working hours. We're working closely with affected residents to ensure they're informed in advance and any concerns addressed.

Work areas will be fenced off, and sections of Hania Street will be under no-thoroughfare traffic management at times. There will also be some restrictions to on-street parking in the area, and we ask you to please not park your vehicle within coned areas. This helps maintain safety and minimise any disruption, enabling us to get our work done as quickly as possible.