Update May 2022

Wellington Water have now successfully installed 250 smart meters at residential properties around Greytown, as part of the Greytown Smart Water Meter Trial.

Trial participants can access the trial customer portal to view their household water consumption data by signing up using their unique property code. Household water information is expected to begin transmitting from the smart meters by the end of May.

The trial will run until the end of 2022 at which point at which point Wellington Water will provide a report to the South Wairarapa District Council detailing key findings and learnings.

If you have a smart meter installed at your property and would like to sign up to the customer portal but have misplaced your property code, please call Lesley Reidy on 0272756396.

If you are a resident participating in the trial you can log into the online portal here: https://smartmeter.wellingtonwater.co.nz.

What's happening?

Wellington Water and South Wairarapa District Council are undertaking a residential smart water meter trial at 250 properties in Greytown to look at how smart meters can help us better manage our water.

A smart meter is a water meter connected to a digital device that records real-time water use. This allows households to monitor how much water they are using and can indicate leaks faster than the current annual water meter reading process.

Approximately 40 percent of South Wairarapa water is lost due to leaks in water pipes. Smart meters can provide real-time information on household water consumption and detect greater than normal water use that indicates pipe damage and leaks. This has the potential to help us identify and fix leaks as quickly as possible, which in turn helps us save water for our region.

There is no cost to participate in the trial, and there will be no changes in the cost of water to property owners, or tenants, during this trial. 

The trial will look at how effective the smart meters are at helping us detect leaks, and any changes in the way households consume water during the trial. The trial will also look at how to best communicate with customers about their water use. Participants will be offered real-time water information and water use insights, as well as tips to save water.