Gibbons Street wastewater pipe project

What's happening?

Wellington Water has begun the replacement of the wastewater pipe in Gibbons Street, Upper Hutt. The new wastewater pipe will provide a higher level of resilience for seismic events and accommodate future developments in the area. 

Wellington Water is moving into the second week of the 24 week project, please see updated information below.

When is it happening?

This work will take about 24 weeks from 4 March 2019 to the end of August 2019. Hours of work will generally be 7am-6pm Monday to Friday, with some Saturdays worked if necessary.

Traffic management will change throughout the project and we will advise each major change of traffic management ahead of time as much as possible. The road will be open but we will need to close of sections of the road to complete our work.

On 18 March 2019, the Gibbons Street roundabout will continue to be partially closed. This means that traffic heading to SH2 will be diverted via Victoria Street and Pine Avenue, around the north and east side of the roundabout.

All traffic exiting off SH2 into Gibbons Street will be diverted at the roundabout to left-turn only into Riverbank Street and back to Gibbons Street via Pine Avenue and either Victoria Street or McParland Street.

It is also expected that in a couple of weeks some properties in Gibbons Street will be affected regarding property access. We will be in touch with those property owners well before this happens.

Gibbons St Stage 2

On-street parking in the area alongside the worksite will be restricted and we ask you to please not park your vehicle within the coned areas. This will help us to get our work done as quickly as possible.

Key contacts:

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact us:

E Carson & Sons, Site Manager, Peter Mumm, 027 289 2400
Stantec (Consultant), Yass Sundarapperuma, 027 547 2391
Upper Hutt City Council Contact Centre (24/7) 04 527 2169

Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve your city’s infrastructure.