Dixon Street Wastewater Repairs

Update 27 January

Next Community Meeting: Tuesday 28 January at 5.30pm - St John's Church 170 Willis Street

Much of the planning and ground testing for the Willis Street part of the project has now been completed. This has allowed us to increase the activity on-site and get the upgrades underway. A large amount of work has already been completed around the Dixon Street intersection. On Friday, Wellington Water chief executive Colin Crampton announced Willis Street would likely be re-opened by 31 March.On-Site


As work continues, the site confines and safety zones will change to suit the area. This is to protect the public while also allowing space for the construction crews to operate. During all stages of the work, we will ensure that there is safe pedestrian access through and around the work-site. Signage has increased and access points have been added and improved. Vehicles will continue to be able to enter the closed portion of Willis Street, provided they are residents or have legitimate reasons to be on the site, i.e. local employees, or those visiting businesses.

Dixon Street

The platform on Dixon Street that had been on the original work-site has been removed. Areas of this site are being worked on and sealed-up while the main project on Willis Street is completed. This section of the site has expanded up the hill as a precaution while further testing is done here.

We recognise this is an added inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We will continue to work with those affected to find appropriate solutions for you. We have also opened the footpath on both sides of Dixon Street, to better accommodate the post-holiday pedestrian numbers.

Parking and Rubbish Collection

We are constantly monitoring these areas, and continue to work with Wellington City Council to address issues with car parking and waste collection in and around the site. There are several solutions that are set to be implemented next week. We should have further information at the next community meeting.

Update 10 January

Following the installation of the temporary above ground pipe, we now need to install a permanent underground pipe which means excavating from the Dixon/Willis intersection along Willis Street to State Highway 1 near Ghuznee Street.

On Monday 13 January 2020 we will start site investigations, locating service in the road and trenching along Willis Street. Pedestrian access along both sides of Willis Street will remain the same.

We are holding a community meeting next week, where we would like to invite businesses owners and residents to discuss the project work. We will have a project engineer, council representatives and local councillors available to answer any questions you may have.

The details for the community meeting are:
Tuesday 14 January, 5.30pm - Conference Centre, St John’s in the City.

Update 11 Dec

As you will likely have noticed, we are working to repair damaged wastewater infrastructure at the corner of Willis and Dixon Street. The initial investigation and containment works are now complete with repair works to commence on Thursday 12 December.

To enable the repair works a drill rig will be brought to site and will remain on site for approximately 1 week while we secure the ground and expose the pipeline. At this point we will be able to assess the extent of damage and the required repair and pipeline replacement works needed.

We will provide an update to you as soon as we have more information around the expected time required to complete these works.

While the repair works take place the existing road closure will remain in place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience while we work to repair the damaged infrastructure.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:
• G P Friel Limited (Contractor) 027 208 8340

After hours, please call the Wellington City Council Call Centre at 04 499 4444.

What's happening?

We're repairing and replacing pipes and chambers beneath the road, to reduce the risk of wastewater entering the harbour.
Please bear with us while we do our best to get this done as quickly as possible.