Aro Street stormwater chamber strengthening

Update 29 April 2018

The stormwater chamber is old and at risk of collapse, so we plan to make it stronger. At the same time, it’s been gradually filling up with rocks and gravel from streams that feed into the stormwater pipe. This increases the risk of flooding, so we wanted to clear it before the winter rainfall.

Initially, to ensure our peoples safety, we planned to carry out the strengthening work before the cleaning. After further investigations we’ve now been able to make the chamber safe enough to carry out the cleaning, and delay the strengthening work. This means the lane closure in Aro Street this May should only be for a week or two.

We’ll return in January 2019, when the weather is better and traffic lighter, to carry out the strengthening work. We’ll need to close one lane again, but the impact should be less, which should reduce traffic delays and costs.

In addition, deferring the replacement work until early 2019 will allow us to monitor how effective our traffic management and suggested detours are, ahead of the longer lane closure.

What's happening?

Wellington Water will shortly be carrying out seismic upgrade work on an underground stormwater chamber located on Aro Street. As part of improving the earthquake resilience of our city, Wellington Water is seismically strengthening the underground chamber which contains an old brick arch.

The chamber is located within the road area, adjacent to Polhill Reserve on Aro Street. Traffic management will be in place for the duration of the works, restricting Aro Street to one active traffic lane, controlled by automated traffic signals. Temporary pedestrian diversion will be in place, ensuring access is maintained. This is likely to cause delays and traffic build up during this period so we are encouraging motorists to use other routes if possible such as the options shown below. We will be monitoring delays on Aro street and look to address these where possible.

See traffic management plan below:

Aro St


When is it happening?

Work will start on 11 April 2018 and the date for completion is July 2018.

Aro Street will be reduced to one lane from 18 April until completion.

The hours of work will be 7am until 6pm Monday to Friday.

Alternative Routes

Please consider using one of the following alternative routes for your journey.

From Raroa Road to Ghuznee Street / Willis Street intersection:

Alternate Route Raroa Rd to Ghuznee St

From Ghuznee Street / Willis Street intersection to Raroa Road:

Alternate route Raroa Rd to Ghuznee St via Willis St

This work is part of Wellington City Council’s infrastructure renewal programme and is being managed by Wellington Water.

Key contacts:

  • Contractor. Juno Civil Ltd - Kieran Lynch - 021 227 7003
  • Consultant. Connect Water - Stephen Molineux 027 587 2560
  • Wellington City Council, 04 499 4444 (24 hours)

We are managing this work on behalf of Wellington City Council and are committed to providing a safe and reliable water supply network that protects public health.