Three waters (drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater) assets are uniquely challenging to manage. They are underground; many are old, near or past the end of their economic lives; and we live in a region where the ground beneath our cities is on the move. 

Despite that, our water services have generally been reliable. But their ongoing reliability cannot be taken for granted, as our pipes and other critical assets are vulnerable to damage from natural events and prone to failure when reaching the end of their lives. 

We are renewing pipes that we know need urgent attention. 

At the same time we are assessing the current state of our most critical assets -pipes, pump stations, reservoirs and treatment plants -  to inform our planning for future maintenance and renewal.

This is part of our ongoing work to improve our network’s performance and to reduce the risk of emergency repairs and/or outages and minimise risks to public health and the environment.

Both the asset renewals and the assessments are funded as part of the Government Stimulus programme which aims to assist economic recovery through job creation and to invest in water renewals and maintenance.