Water consumption

Current water consumption

The below meter indicates daily water consumption in Martinborough for the last two days.
This will be updated every two days.

SWDC Meter Red
Green – less than 1200m³/day
Amber – between 1200 m³/ and 1700m³/day – water restrictions hand held only
Red – over 1700m³/day – water restrictions hose pipe ban

Current state: Amber

The below table indicates the consumption in the Martinborough Township. 

Consumption Date  Status
1396m³ 21 Nov Amber
1486m³ 22 Nov Amber
1644m³ 23 Nov Amber
1686m³ 24 Nov Amber
1556m³ 25 Nov Amber
1739m³ 26 Nov Red
1728m³ 27 Nov Red
1631m³ 28 Nov Amber
1484m³ 29 Nov Amber
1787m³ 30 Nov Red
1493m³ 1 Dec Amber
2 Dec Amber
3 Dec Amber
1340m³  4 Dec Amber
1514m³  5 Dec Amber
1787m³ 6 Dec Red
1620m³ 7 Dec Amber
1104m³ 8 Dec Green
1190m³ 9 Dec Green
916m³ 10 Dec Green
943m³ 11 Dec Green
1061m³ 14 Dec Green
1173m³ 15 Dec Green

Last updated: 16/12/2019

Manganese extraction plant

We’re planning to install a manganese extraction plant to progress towards permanent chlorination of the Martinborough town water supply. The current chlorination arrangements are temporary because the town is being supplied by only one bore, the one with the lowest levels of manganese. Water with high levels of manganese becomes discoloured when chlorine is added.

Effectively removing the manganese from the town water supply and being able to return to drawing water from more than one bore is the best course of action to ensure clean, clear, safe and secure water for the town.

Due to unforeseen delays, this plant will not be operational by summer. This means that Martinborough will continue to be supplied by only one bore, resulting in a need for community efforts to reduce demand to ensure there is enough water to last all summer long.

Further to the existing garden watering restrictions (odds & evens watering system), restrictions may escalate during the summer and may be specific to towns. We will advertise these restrictions via print, social media and on our website. You can look at specific restrictions for Martinborough, Greytown, and Featherston here on this site using the navigation above.