South Wairarapa has been following alternate day watering - even numbered properties on even numbered dates and odd numbered properties on odd numbered dates. Updates on restrictions in place as well as current consumption can be found below.

Featherston - watering restrictions

Hand-held watering only applies in Featherston.

handheld only odds evens

There are few things to take into account continue to deliver clean, clear and safe drinking water to the community without the risk of demand outstripping supply. We look at the supply of available water, storage levels within the reservoirs, things working as they should within the networks and treatment plants, and the promise of some rain.

Every Monday these things will be evaluated and a decision made for the week regarding the level of water restriction.

Watering Restriction Update: Monday 17 February 2020

Hand-held only restriction remains in place. This will be re-assessed on Monday 24 February.

Water consumption

The below meter indicates current daily water consumption in Featherston and Greytown. This will be updated weekly. The Featherston and Greytown water supplies are interrelated. This means that water restrictions are based on and apply to both towns. 

SWDC Meter Amber

Green – less than 3500 m³/day
Amber – between 3500 m³/ and 3900 m³/day
Red – over 3900m³/day 

Current state: Amber

The below table indicates the consumption in both Featherston and Greytown. 
Last updated: 21/2/2020

Consumption (Featherston & Greytown) Date  Status
3698m³ 20 Feb Amber
3531m³ 19 Feb Amber
3730m³ 18 Feb Amber
3600m³ 17 Feb Amber
3650m³ 16 Feb Amber
3690m³ 15 Feb Amber
3420m³ 14 Feb Green
3460m³ 13 Feb Green
3375m³ 12 Feb Green
3356m³ 11 Feb Green
3380m³ *estimated 10 Feb Green
3354m³ 9 Feb Green
3450m³ 8 Feb Green
3367m³ 7 Feb Green
3231m³ 6 Feb Green
3275m³ 5 Feb Green
3263m³ 4 Feb Green
3435m³ 3 Feb Green
3393m³ 2 Feb Green
3771m³ 1 Feb Amber
3169m³ 31 Jan Green
3384m³ 30 Jan Green
3496m³ 29 Jan Green
3771m³ 28 Jan Amber
4054m³ 27 Jan Red
4150m³ 26 Jan Red
4033m³ 25 Jan Red
3704m³ 24 Jan Amber
3726m³ 23 Jan Amber
3769m³ 22 Jan Amber
3653m³ 21 Jan Amber
3435m³ 20 Jan Green
3563m³ 19 Jan Amber
3532m³ 18 Jan Amber
3292m³ 17 Jan Green
3261m³ 16 Jan Green
3415m³ 15 Jan Green
3081m³ 14 Jan Green
3052m³ 13 Jan Green
3658m³ 12 Jan Amber
3731m³ 11 Jan Amber
3769m³ 10 Jan Amber
3591m³ 9 Jan Amber
3554m³ 8 Jan Amber
3457m³ 7 Jan Green
3432m³ 6 Jan Green
3567m³ 5 Jan Amber
3591m³ 4 Jan Amber
3853m³ 3 Jan Amber