Can I still water my garden during a total outdoor water ban?

The total outdoor water ban is to ensure that treated, clear and safe drinking water is conserved for indoor purposes. Grey water (or water that’s been used once already – caught in kitchen sink or shower) can be taken outside to nurse plants along.

What about using my own private bore, do the water restrictions apply to me?

No, the current water restrictions do not impact those with private bores.

People using their bore water may want to display the below sign, so the community know that the rules aren't being broken (these can be collected from the SWDC reception).

Public declaration

What will happen if Martinborough don’t follow the water restriction requirements?

If the Martinborough township uses more water than can be supplied from the low manganese bore, we will have to use the other bores as well. This is a problem because, although safe to drink, the water could become discoloured due to the reaction between manganese and chlorine. 

The discolouration could range from looking like weak tea to at worst black – which is why everyone needs to do their part in conserving water this summer.
Information on how to conserve water will be shared throughout the community. Enjoying safe, clean, clear and healthy water over the next few months means that we all have to work together. Failure to reduce demand means that more formal enforcement measures would be employed. 

The Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw 2019

Why are Martinborough residents being asked to conserve water so early?

We are conserving water earlier this summer because of limited treated water supply from one operational bore.
When the manganese extraction plant is operational before the summer of 2020, we’ll be able to use our other bores and water supply will be back to normal.

Why is the manganese extraction plant for Martinborough not operational by the summer?

A couple of things:

  • We are finalising the short-term lease agreement for the land where the manganese extraction plant will be set up; after this is done the Resource Consent process will get under way.
  • A local contractor is joining the project team and contractual details are being finalised

Can I fill up my pool during a total outdoor water ban?

No. The outdoor water ban applies to filling pools and outside spas.