Current Restrictions

Higher levels of water restrictions are normally triggered by our Resource Consent conditions relating to the level of flows in the Rumahunga River, but they can be triggered for other reasons resulting in reduced water supply.

For those on town supply, watering of gardens is allowed on alternate days only throughout the year. South Wairarapa District Council policy permits:

  • Even numbered properties (e.g. 2, 26, 114) on even numbered days (e.g. 2, 4, 28)
  • Odd numbered properties (e.g. 1, 17, 129) on odd numbered days (e.g. 7, 15, 31)
  • Rural properties attached to the town water supply must also follow the alternate day watering policy based on their RAPID number.

Further restrictions are:

  1. Sprinkler ban
  2. Hose pipe ban
  3. Total outdoor usage ban

These restrictions will be enforced based off consumption levels in each township, following the three tier system Green, Amber, Red.

Please look below for further information on current restrictions in place.


Hand-held watering only applies in Martinborough.
handheld only odds evens


No further restrictions apply in Greytown.


No further restrictions apply in Featherston.