Investigations into Porirua’s pipes to begin in Titahi Bay

Published 01/03/2021

Titahi Bay’s pipe network will be inspected in the coming months as part of a project, called Knowing your Pipes, to improve water quality in the region.

The $250,000 project in Porirua, led by Wellington Water, will involve crews checking pipes in the public and private network.

"We’re all responsible for our waterways, so this work is essential to reduce pollution in our rivers and harbour," says Porirua Mayor Anita Baker.

Some homeowners in Titahi Bay will receive letters shortly, outlining the project, which includes low-risk smoke testing and dye tracing.

If there is any cost to fix faults on private property, there will be the ability to apply for assistance to spread the cost via Porirua City Council rates from 1 July.

Wellington Water chief executive Colin Crampton says his organisation, and the public, must band together to improve the existing water network. Similar projects to what is starting in Titahi Bay are planned elsewhere in the region this year.

"An incorrectly connected, leaking or damaged pipe causes pollution to our rivers, streams and beaches, and it will the focus of our crews out there to check the public and private pipes.

"If we find an issue in the public network, we will fix it. If we find one on private land, we will work with homeowners to get it repaired."

For more information on the project, including FAQs, check out Knowing Your Pipes