Green light for storage tank project

Published 24/02/2022

Construction will begin later this year on the planned central wastewater storage tank that will significantly reduce wastewater overflows into Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour.

Porirua Mayor Anita Baker says this is a major investment in upgrading critical infrastructure to protect the environment and provide for growth.

The tank will be located north of Porirua railway station, between SH1 and the railway line. It will hold up to seven million litres (about three Olympic-sized swimming pools) of wastewater when there is heavy rain.

"I’m pleased that the plans for construction and landscaping will result in an overall positive impact on the environment," Mayor Baker says.

"In addition to reducing pollution of the streams and harbour, this project will protect and restore an area of wetland and many native trees will be planted. Care will be taken throughout construction to protect the habitat of native species including inanga, skinks and geckos, and native birds."

Read the full story at Porirua City Council here and access plans and related documents.