Options for flood mitigation shared

Published 14/09/2021

Options for mitigating the impact of flooding in the Karehana catchment have been presented to Porirua City Council and councillors are considering the information.

The Plimmerton Flood Management and Resilience (PFMR) Working Group and members of the Plimmerton community have the opportunity to give their views on the options, before the Council makes decisions on the next steps on 7 October.

There is a summary of the information presented to the Council available here 

The Stormwater Catchment Management and Improvements Project Team also briefed the Plimmerton Flood Management and Resilience Working Group on Wednesday 8 September.

The PMFR Working Group is due to present its views to the council on 23 September.

Plimmerton community members who have  questions or comments can either talk directly to a member of the PMFR Working Group, email plimmertonfloodaction@gmail.com; or email Ben Fountain at Porirua City Council on PlimmertonFloodResponse@poriruacity.govt.nz 

Written submissions should be emailed to PlimmertonFloodResponse@poriruacity.govt.nz by Monday 20 September.

The PFMR Working Group members are Grace Alum, Dave Anderson, Kelvin Berryman, Richard Bradley, Alan Dodson, Karen Feint, Alicja Gear, Chris Griggs and Mel Troy.