Council to decide on options early November

Published 21/10/2021

Porirua City Council will now make a decision on the options to help reduce the risk of flooding in the Karehana Catchment at the Council meeting on 4 November 2021.

The date has been pushed out because Councillors have asked for more information and need more time to consider that information.

We apologise about this change in timing, and understand it may be frustrating. However it is important that Councillors make well-informed and well-considered decisions. 

In feedback on the options, concerns were raised about the potential impact of a pump station and upgrades on Karehana Park. Should the Council decide to go ahead with a pump station as part of any solution, be assured that during the design process the impacts on the park will be carefully considered and the design team will talk to the community about how we could minimise these impacts.

We will let the community know what the Council decides.