Karehana concept designs shared

Published Jun 16, 2022

About 40 Plimmerton residents talked with Wellington Water and Porirua City Council staff about the concept designs for infrastructure to reduce flood risk in the Karehana catchment.

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Drop-in session for design update

Published Jun 9, 2022

Wellington Water and Porirua City Council invite you to a drop-in session on Wednesday June 13 where we will share concept designs for works to reduce flood risk, and answer any questions:

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School Road assessment

Published May 9, 2022

Wellington Water is now moving ahead with assessing options for improving the stormwater network in School Road/Beach Road, Plimmerton. 

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Update on reducing flood risk

Published Mar 30, 2022

Wellington Water project team and Porirua City Council (PCC) staff thank community members who joined a meeting on reducing flood risk in and around James Street on Sunday 27 March. 

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Design meetings for Karehana residents

Published Jan 25, 2022

People in Airlie Road and Cluny Road whose properties back onto lower Karehana Park or the stream should have received a letter inviting them to meetings to discuss the initial concepts for the detailed design of stormwater improvements to reduce the risk of flooding, including a pump station and stream upgrades.

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End-of-year update

Published Dec 17, 2021

With the weather continuously reminding us why this work is so important, we wanted to provide an end-of-year update on our work to improve the stormwater system.

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Winch and grill installed

Published Nov 24, 2021

A new stormwater inlet grill has been fitted at Airlie Road in the Karehana Catchment with an onsite winch so it can be lifted during storm events to improve flood discharge capability.

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Taupō Stream catchment investigations begin

Published Nov 19, 2021

Wellington Water and Porirua City Council are getting underway with investigating stormwater management options to reduce the risk of flooding in James Street and the area around St Andrews Road/the State Highway in the Taupō Stream catchment.

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Council investment in Plimmerton Flood protection

Published Nov 5, 2021

Porirua City Council has committed $17.9m to reduce the flooding risk for homes in the Karehana area of Plimmerton.

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Council to decide on options early November

Published Oct 21, 2021

Porirua City Council will now make a decision on the options to help reduce the risk of flooding in the Karehana Catchment at the Council meeting on 4 November 2021.

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PCC considers community feedback

Published Oct 1, 2021

Porirua City Councillors are considering 36 responses from the community on the options for mitigating the impact of flooding in the Karehana catchment.

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Options for flood mitigation shared

Published Sep 14, 2021

Options for mitigating the impact of flooding in the Karehana catchment have been presented to Porirua City Council and councillors are considering the information.

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