Project updates

Published 05/11/2021

Update 17 January

Our crews at the Whitford-Brown work site have picked up where they left off following the festive break.

A second pipe thrust under the state highway northbound lanes began today (Monday 17 January), which will allow the final length of new pipe to be installed. This is expected to be completed by mid-February. 

The crews are also preparing for a trial shutdown of wastewater pump operations on Station Road, Brora Crescent and Aotea Lagoon.

The trial shutdown is in preparation for the upcoming commissioning shutdown, which will allow for the old pipe to be taken offline and the new pipe to be brought into operation.

Sucker trucks will be used to manage the wastewater during the shutdown, which is expected to last around five hours.

Update 21 December

2021 is nearly over and we’re close to completing our schedule for the year.

All major work in the north side of the median is expected to be finished by the end of the week, before our crews leave to celebrate the holidays.

So far, we have laid 900m of new pipe and installed three of four scour valve chambers and one of two pipe ramming sleeves.

The scour valves will allow us to flush the new pipe to remove sediment as well as drain it for future maintenance and repair work.

The pipe ramming sleeves will enable us to place the new pipe under the Whitford Brown intersection – without having to dig a trench, which prevents disruption to motorists.

In the spots we’ve laid the pipe, we’ve added new topsoil and reseeded grass, and we will continue to do this in the new year.

Our crews will be back on site from Wednesday 5 January, and we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

*Pipe ramming is a trenchless construction technique used to install horizontal underground pipes by ramming them through the earth.

Update Tuesday 23 November

Work at the Whitford-Brown worksite is going well and our crews are now preparing to begin the pipe ramming process.

Pipe ramming is a trenchless construction technique used to install horizontal underground pipes by ramming them through the earth, which will begin next week.

This may create some noise, but we will be sure to stop by 6pm Monday to Friday.

At the end of November, we will also carry out a trial shutdown, which will enable us to prepare for commissioning of the new pipe early next year.

Update Friday 5 November

So far our crews have laid 200m of new pipe as we work to replace the 1km section of fragile pipe between the Whitford Brown interchange and Paremata.

You may notice shoulder closures and temporary barriers in place to protect the worksite, but we won’t need to close any lanes during the construction of the pipe.

We will need to manage traffic for short periods as we transport equipment to the site, but we will do our best to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Update Wednesday 6 October

Work to replace the fragile 1km section of pipe will start this weekend, including site establishment and the installation of temporary traffic barriers, before breaking ground on Monday 11 October.

This work is the first phase of a staged approach to upgrade the wastewater main from Paremata to Porirua (4.5km), which is essential for future growth in these areas.
Most of the replacement work is expected to be done without lane closures. However, some work may require a temporary lane closure at off-peak times. As always, we will work to reduce the impact on residents and the public as much as possible.
We’d like to thank you in advance for your patience as we carry out this important work.

Update Monday 6 September

Our crews have been working hard to prepare for the Paremata Wastewater Pipe replacement.

Throughout August, they have been investigating location options for the new section of pipe.

They have:

  • Had an ecologist on site to review the vegetated area in the median strip.
  • Completed an archaeological study.
  • Completed a topographical survey which involves investigating ground levels, above-ground structure/s and state highway lane-edge markings.
  • Completed a ground penetrating radar survey to locate utilities.
  • Completed a camera survey of the existing wastewater main.
  • Completed ground investigations to confirm geotechnical conditions and locate existing services.

 This work is important as it will help us complete the design and start construction.

Our staff followed all health and safety protocols established for working under Alert Level 4 and are taking all the recommended safety precautions as we continue this urgent work under Alert Level 3.

We will continue to keep you up to date with our progress and would like to thank you for your continued patience.

Update Friday 20 August 

Our crews will begin survey activity on Monday (23 August) ahead of work to replace a section of fragile pipe between the Whitford Brown interchange and Paremata.

The wastewater pipeline caused significant disruption after failing twice during heavy rainfall in July.

Despite repairs on 19 and 25 July, the pipeline remains at risk of failing again and is in urgent need of replacement.

The pipeline transports wastewater from Pukerua Bay, Whitby, Mana, Papakowhai, Plimmerton and Cambourne as an essential part of Porirua’s water network.

Work to replace the first section of pipe is expected to begin in late September as part of a 100-year life solution that will also allow for significant population growth in the area.

We understand the challenges of working during Alert Level 4 and the safety and wellbeing of our staff is a priority.

Our crews will take all the recommended safety precautions and use the necessary personal protection equipment.

We’d like to thank the public in advance for their patience as we carry out this important work.

Notes:  Based on our criteria this project has been assessed as essential. This is currently our only live capital project to continue during Alert Level 4.