Ready to connect

Published 05/11/2019

We’re progressing into the next stage of pipeline works that will connect the future Omāroro reservoir to bulk drinking water supply pipes.

Several weeks ago Wellington Water ran a trial to prepare for installing a new valve, which involved shutting off normal water supply to Wellington City for a few hours. This was to confirm that under normal demand, we’d have enough water available to allow us to drain the pipes, cut them open, install the new valves, seal everything up, and recharge the network (estimated at 15 hours).

The trial was successful – and we are planning another shutoff to complete this work on Wednesday, 6 November starting at 6am.

While we’re not expecting any outages as a result of this work, we do ask that residents are mindful of their water use.

Throughout the work, we’ll be monitoring supply and demand closely, and will inform residents on any potential supply interruptions.