Wallace Street due to reopen 6 July

Published 01/07/2020

A fortnight of wet weather has caused some delays in the final touches of road reinstatement work, but Wallace Street is due to reopen to through traffic on Monday, 6 July - and the paving crew will work on Saturday if needed!

Work on reinstating Wallace Street has been delayed because there has been so much rain over the past fortnight. Milling, the first stage of road reinstatement, can take place in wet weather, but it needs to be fine for the chip sealing, paving and line marking. However, we are hoping that we can complete the work by the end of the week, ready for reopening on Monday 6 July. The paving crew working on Saturday if needed. Line marking will be done overnight.

Wet weather has also hampered local artist Sheyne Tuffery’s progress on his mural at the John Street end of Wallace Street, but he expects to have it completed by the time the street is re-opened to through traffic.

The final phase of the pipelines project will take place on the section of Wallace Street between Rolleston and Hargreaves Street. A new storm water pipe needs installing from the intersection of Rolleston and Wallace Streets across the road and into the grounds of Massey University. This work, expected to take about two months, cannot begin until Wallace Street is reopened and the diversion closed.

To facilitate the work, the traffic island at the pedestrian crossing outside Massey’s main entrance will be temporarily removed. Stop/Go traffic management will be in place from 9.00am – 4.00pm on weekdays and staff will ensure safe pedestrian access is maintained along and across Wallace Street.

Once Wallace Street has been resealed and reopened, the Wright Street diversion will no longer be needed and road markings and parking arrangements will return to how they were previously. The temporary pedestrian crossing will be removed and the bus stops will move back to where they were in Wallace Street. We’ll do a letterbox drop if we need any cars out of the way for the line marking.

Howard Street has been re-paved except for the section where the garden will be reinstated. That work will be done shortly. Meanwhile Brian Perry Civil’s site office will remain at the top end of Finlay Terrace while the work on the storm water pipe from Rolleston Street to Massey University is completed.