Preparatory work starts Reservoir site

Published 10/08/2020

From 17 August, work gets underway preparing the upper field for construction of the new reservoir and establishing a residents' car parking area.

Contractor HEB Construction will be carrying out a range of establishment works in and around the site.

This will include a small amount of excavation to identify services at the entrance to the upper field and starting construction of a residents’ car park on the upper field, which will accommodate a minimum of eight cars. Meanwhile 23 coupon car parks will be removed from Rolleston Street and reallocated to resident parking at the top of the street. Traffic speed signs will be installed on Rolleston Street to reduce speed to 30km per hour for the duration of the project

An entrance to the site will also be constructed where the current gate is at the top of Rolleston Street and a new footpath constructed along the northern boundary of the field and the site fence. 

HEB Construction's Community Liaison Representative Russell Obee is on hand throughout to support the community and address any concerns.