Pipelines: where we're at and what's next

Published 25/10/2019

We’ve made good progress on all fronts this month with work progressing well on Hargreaves Street, Wallace Street, Finlay Terrace and Howard Street.

In Hargreaves Street, we are on track to finish installing the large pipes by the end of November. Wallace Street and Finlay Terrace water mains are being renewed, with stop/go traffic management in place 9am--4pm. And in Howard Street we’re starting work on another underground chamber to house pipe valves. Howard Street is still accessible via Tasman Street until the garden has been removed; after that access into Howard Street will be via Wallace Street.

What's coming up?

Early in November a significant piece of work will happen inside the Wright Street valve chamber. The existing bulk water main will be cut out and a new piece of pipe including valves will be welded into position. This involves shutting off direct water supply to the city for a time.

Wallace Street and Finlay Terrace work will continue. Some parking in Finlay Terrace will be temporarily removed to make room to install the new local water main. Work on the new valve chamber in Howard Street will include some concrete pours and pipe installation.

Parking and Traffic

Working on roads is very dangerous for people, and traffic management is a key part of reducing this risk.  We’ll be using stop/go management to protect workers and the public as we move along Wallace Street. 

We appreciate the delays can be frustrating, but please follow the directions of our traffic management team and take care around construction sites as there may be uneven surfaces.Buses will be given priority at stop/go points to minimise the impact on bus schedules, and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

The closure of Wallace Street is still scheduled for early December with an initial one way detour (north bound) on Wright Street, followed by the full closure a week later.  The partial closure is to allow for some work on the corner of Hargreaves and Wallace Streets to be completed.  

Public meetings

We are continuing to work closely with local residents and businesses impacted by the work. We are planning a drop in session for 17 November at Massey University to answer any questions the community may have regarding the diversion of Wallace Street traffic onto Wright Street and how it will operate before we start with the bulk main installation on Wallace Street.  

We will continue to do everything we can to minimise the impact of the work and appreciate the public's cooperation and patience helping us get the job done as quickly as possible.