Pipelines Progress

Published 06/03/2020

Work on the Omāroro Reservoir pipelines is progressing well and with the closure of Wallace Street is on track to be completed by our mid-year target date. Here's an update on what's happening from our regular community briefings.

Hargreaves Street

Work on the valve chamber at the corner of Hargreaves and Wright Streets is progressing well.  Concrete for the chamber lining was poured in the first week of March, and the lid to be craned into place and the job completed before the end of the month. Access to Hargreaves Street will continue to be one-way until the work is finished.

Wallace and Howard Streets

With Wallace Street closed to through traffic, good progress continues to be made on both installing the new bulk main and upgrading existing services. Gas and other services have now been moved to enable the installation of the bulk main. The temporary water pipes on the footpaths between Finlay Terrace and Howard Street will be able to be permanently installed in about a month.

The bulk main work site has moved along Wallace Street as the pipe installation proceeds and in the coming week will be turning into Howard Street.  Residents will continue to have vehicle access to Wallace Street from each end of the worksite, but vehicle access is no longer available between Howard and Wallace Streets.  Parking and access to garages will be restricted at times to enable the work to be done. Outside work hours (6pm – 7am) the construction crews will move fences to enable as much access as possible for residents. 

Access to the Wallace Court Motel’s carpark will be blocked by the work site in the coming fortnight, so parking spaces for guests have been designated on Wallace Street. Residents are asked to leave these spaces for guests – if any other vehicles are parked in those spaces they will be towed away.

We appreciate that the work is noisy and inconvenient for residents and businesses and we are grateful for the cooperation we are receiving. We’ll continue to keep residents and businesses informed about parking, access and traffic management changes.

With Wallace Street closed work is able to progress well, and the project is on track to be completed by our mid-year target date.

Wright Street diversion

Wellington City Council’s continuing traffic monitoring shows average speeds decreasing since the installation of a range of speed reduction measures. The two electronic speed signs seem to be working particularly well. Police continue to regularly patrol Wright Street and officers with a hand-held speed camera are regularly on site.

Safe pedestrian access will be maintained on all streets at all times.

Working on roads is very dangerous for people, and traffic management is a key part of reducing this risk.  Please follow the directions of our traffic management team and take care around construction sites as there may be uneven surfaces.