Omāroro Reservoir Pipelines Update

Published 22/11/2019

Here's an overview of what's been happening and what's coming next as we build a new reservoir to make our city better prepared in the event of disruption and disaster.

Work progress

Work is progressing in Hargreaves Street, Wallace Street, Finlay Terrace and Howard Street. We are on track to open up the bottom of Hargreaves Street by the end of this month. Access will be via Wright Street, as we are finishing off the pipe installation at the bottom of Hargreaves Street. As agreed with Wellington City Council, we will be closing off the temporary access through Prince of Wales park by the end of the month.

We’ve poured the floor and a couple of walls in the big valve chamber on Hargreaves Street, installed a new water main on Wallace Street between Rolleston Street and Finlay Terrace, and in Finlay Terrace itself.

Coming up

Ahead of the Wallace Street closure, which starts on the 5th of January 2020, Hargreaves Street will be re-sealed and the corner of Wright and Hargreaves streets will be sealed early in December, once the chamber’s finished.

After that, Wellington City Council will start re-newing the kerbs and footpaths on Hargreaves Street, followed by new seal.

To install a new lid on the Howard Street valve chamber, we’ll need to close Tasman Street for half a day to set up a crane. A date is being confirmed and the community will be notified soon.  

Wallace Street closure

This is planned from the 5th of January, find out more here. Some temporary road marking in Wright Street will be happening the week prior to allow for the diversion of traffic.

Once the closure is in place, we’ll start work at the Hargreaves Street end and a few months later turn into Howard Street where work will finish at the valve chamber (with its new lid). While Wallace Street is closed, we’ll be putting in new water and wastewater pipes between Finlay Terrace and Carrington Street.

In order to carry out work in Wallace Street, some car parking will be temporarily removed. Residents in Wallace Street will be notified in due course.

Parking and Traffic

Working on roads is very dangerous for people, and traffic management is a key part of reducing this risk.  With the full Wright Street diversion going in at the beginning of January, it’s important people get familiar with the new road layout and keep an eye out for other road users and obey the temporary speed limits. Please follow the directions of our traffic management team and take care around construction sites as there may be uneven surfaces. Let us know if you have any concerns about how the diversion is working.

We are keen to hear about any issues arising from this work. Please email us - or call 027 607 2498.