Preparing for the Wallace St closure

Published 18/12/2019

With the end of the year nigh and the pending closure of Wallace Street from Sunday 5 January to mid--2020, here's an update on preparations to ensure everyone's ready for the New Year changes.

Wallace Street will be closed to through traffic from Sunday 5 January to December 2020.

During the closure traffic will be diverted to Wright Street, enabling us to install bulk water mains along Wallace Street. This work is essential to improving the resilience of our water network 

To help reduce traffic on Wright Street we encourage drivers to use an alternative route such as Adelaide Road - or where possible consider other modes of transport such as cycling, walking or bus.

We'll have traffic management in place and electronic message boards, signage and advertising encouraging drivers to use other routes.

Some temporary road marking has already been done, including painting the pedestrian crossing and bus stops on Wright Street and the new stop sign on Hutchison Road, to help drivers get ready for the changes on 5 January.

Parking changes 

During the diversion, parking will be removed from the west side of Wright Street (the side with even numbers) to ensure easy passing for buses. Yellow no parking lines will be painted along the side of Wright Street the night before the diversion comes into operation.  

All coupon parking spaces in Wright Street and Salisbury Terrace will be changed to ‘residents only’ parking. Coupon parking will remain available in Carrington Street and Papawai Terrace. 


Affected buses will be diverted along Wright Street where there will be two bus stops, one on each side of the street. You can find full details here


The work site on Wallace Street will be initially set up near the Hargreaves Street intersection. It will move along Wallace Street as the pipe installation proceeds. Residents will have vehicular access to Wallace Street from each end of the worksite, but off-street parking will be restricted during work hours when the work site is in front of garages or off-street parks.  Outside work hours (6pm – 7am) the fences will be moved to enable as much access as possible for residents.  The construction team will do their best to ensure that residents have access to Finlay Terrace at all times, although there may be delays during some work operations. 

Occasionally work may need to be done on Wallace Street on Saturdays, but no work will be done on Sundays unless it is an emergency.

Safe pedestrian access will be maintained on all streets at all times.

Wellington City Council advises that it will continue to collect rubbish on the same days (and times) from streets in the area. On Wallace Street, rubbish and recycling will be collected from each end of the work site.

Work site holiday closure

Work on site will finish on Friday 20 December and resume on Monday 6 January.


Working on roads is very dangerous for people, and traffic management is a key part of reducing this risk.  With the full diversion going in at the beginning of January, we encourage residents and regular users of the area to get familiar with the new road layout and keep an eye out for other road users and obey the temporary speed limits. Please follow the directions of our traffic management team and take care around construction sites as there may be uneven surfaces. Let us know if you have any concerns about how the diversion is working.

As always thank you for your understanding and patience as we complete this essential work improving the inner city's resilience.

If you have an questions contact details are here