Pools and pipes as site progresses

Published 19/10/2020

Progress is continuing at reservoir site with the establishment of sediment ponds and renewal of a 1930s wastewater pipe.

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Site set up progresses

Published 30/09/2020

Eleven new residents' carparks have been created at the top of Rolleston Street and a new pedestrian path connecting Rolleston to Hargreaves streets completed as part of ongoing work to set up the Omāroro Reservoir site.

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Community replanting day

Published 14/09/2020

Blessed by a sunny Spring day, members of the community gathered on Saturday to collect trees, shrubs and ferns from the reservoir site for transplanting elsewhere in the Town Belt.

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Pine trees removed as site preparation progresses

Published 26/08/2020

Arborists have begun removing large old pine trees from Prince of Wales Park as work progresses to prepare the site for construction of the new reservoir.

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Preparatory work starts Reservoir site

Published 10/08/2020

From 17 August, work gets underway preparing the upper field for construction of the new reservoir and establishing a residents' car parking area.

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Dawn blessing marks construction phase of Omāroro reservoir

Published 31/07/2020

A dawn blessing on 30 July for Wellington City’s Omāroro water reservoir in the Town Belt marks the next phase of construction for the project that will provide a major lift for the city’s safe drinking water resilience.

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Lizard habitats created

Published 29/07/2020

A series of lizard habitats have been established near the site of the new Omāroro reservoir site ahead of work starting on preparing the site for construction.

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Wallace Street due to reopen 6 July

Published 01/07/2020

A fortnight of wet weather has caused some delays in the final touches of road reinstatement work, but Wallace Street is due to reopen to through traffic on Monday, 6 July - and the paving crew will work on Saturday if needed!

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Omāroro delivery contract signed

Published 15/06/2020

Wellington Water chief executive Colin Crampton and Derrick Adams, chief executive of HEB Construction, today signed the contract for delivery of Omāroro Reservoir.

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Back to work on Omāroro Reservoir Pipelines

Published 30/04/2020

Plans have been approved to restart work on the pipelines under Alert Level 3 conditions with strict measures to protect workers on site, residents and other members of the public. And, even with the five week break for Alert level 4 and the new working arrangements impacting productivity, we are still on track to have Wallace Street open again to through traffic by mid-June.

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Pipelines Progress

Published 06/03/2020

Work on the Omāroro Reservoir pipelines is progressing well and with the closure of Wallace Street is on track to be completed by our mid-year target date. Here's an update on what's happening from our regular community briefings.

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Updates on Omāroro Reservoir Pipelines

Published 03/02/2020

Since Wallace Street was closed to through traffic on 5 January good progress has been made on both installing the new bulk main and upgrading existing services.

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