Omāroro will provide critical additional bulk water storage for Wellington’s central business district area and low-lying suburbs to improve operational and disaster resilience.

Omāroro involves constructing:

  • a 35 million litre buried concrete reservoir in Prince of Wales Park in the Town Belt
  • connecting it to the existing water supply with a supporting new pipeline corridor along Wallace Street
  • renewing of local water supplies, stormwater pipes and sewer pipes in the area.

Why resilience

It’s important for a city to have enough water stored to allow for at least two days’ normal use and to enable repairs, maintenance and upgrades to be done without disrupting supply.

That’s called operational resilience and right now our city’s storage capacity is not up to scratch.

The city’s water supply network is also vulnerable. Underground pipes and reservoirs could be badly damaged in a significant earthquake and as a result some suburbs could be without drinking water for more than 100 days.

Our resilience programme

Omāroro is part of Wellington Water’s ongoing work to improve the resilience of the region’s water supply network and increase water storage in case of a disaster.

Over the last two years, we have established a new above ground emergency water network that will supply more than 400,000 people across Wellington from day eight following a disaster.

It’s important to remember that following a major earthquake, the first thing people rely on is themselves and their families, so storing water is a must for every household.

You should have 20 litres of stored water for every person, every day, for at least seven days.

Find out more about our water resilience programme.

Have a look at what it will look like

Before, during and 5 years after