Finding and fixing the problem together

It’s an ongoing mission, but we’re making progress. Wellington Water does ‘inflow and infiltration’ investigations every year, to reduce the amount of rainwater entering into the wastewater system. 

The programme is designed to identify problems

  • Flow monitoring – working out which pipes are subject to I&I
  • Closed circuit television – a video camera to assess pipe condition
  • House-to-house inspections – checking for problems and letting property owners know how to fix them.
  • Smoke and dye testing – which is a great way to find wrong connections

Karori Wai focus

This project focuses on two Karori sub-catchments that have previously been identified as being the most severe with 10% of properties having problems like down pipes connected to wastewater and low gully traps (usually you’d expect about 5% of properties with these issues). It’s not expected that fixing these problems will be too expensive for people.

 karori wai2