'Keyhole surgery' rejuvenates 90-year old stormwater chamber

Published 24/11/2020

Undertaking a seismic assessment of an ageing chamber in Aro Street, Wellington, before then upgrading it was a tricky procedure.

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Lizard rehoming at Omāroro

Published 09/11/2020

Lizards living in the area where the new Omāroro reservoir site is being constructed in Prince of Wales Park in the Town Belt are being rehomed.

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New Porirua wetland to clean and manage stormwater

Published 22/10/2020

An artist’s impression of the wetland in Porirua CBD when completed: a sustainable, environmentally sensitive and cost effective stormwater management project that also connects the community to a green space.

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Assessment of drinking water reservoirs boosted by underwater ROV

Published 05/10/2020

Underwater remotely operated vehicle, Deep Trekker is assisting the ongoing inspection programme of 150 drinking water reservoirs around the region.

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Growing dunes with native species

Published 22/09/2020

Helping to beautify the dunes on Petone beach.

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One man’s mission to clean up New Zealand’s beaches continues

Published 10/09/2020

Des Watson talks to us about his journey to clean the beaches of Aotearoa.

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High stakes on Wellington’s South Coast

Published 27/08/2020

Sludge trucks prevent an ecological disaster.

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Catching litter before it reaches the sea

Published 18/08/2020

Litta traps are helping to prevent litter from going to sea in a fantastic initiative headed by NIWA.

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Kids help save stream

Published 04/08/2020

Students from Brandon Intermediate are coming up with helpful measures to protect our waterways.

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Virtual diving

Published 22/07/2020

Explore the ethereal seaweed forests of Wellington’s Taputeranga Marine Reserve at room temperature

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Water sensitive design: Making cities of the future places where people want to live and work

Published 21/07/2020

Tony Wong has been Professor and Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities in Melbourne, Australia, since its establishment in 2012. The research centre is a social enterprise that supports the ongoing adoption of water sensitive principles and practices through broader services.

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