What's happening

We are working on replacing the damaged and aging stormwater pipe under Jervois Quay that caused disruption when it collapsed in early February.


In February 2021 an unexpected hole developed on Jervois Quay. Traffic management closed the southbound left and centre lane, as well as the turning lane from Hunter Street while they investigated. 

It was determined that an old earthenware stormwater pipe had collapsed risking the safety of drivers and increasing the risk of flooding in the CBD. Crews initially installed a temporary fix and backfilled the sinkhole, allowing Jervois Quay to be reopened and options for a repair/replacement to be investigated.

Over the following months work has been done to try to repair the pipe without the need to fully trench the road.  However, the condition of the more than 100-year-old earthenware pipe has meant it is impossible.  

Finally, when attempting to replace a temporary section in April the earthenware pipe further collapsed meaning that it could no longer be repaired and would need a full replacement.    

Because of the importance of Jervois Quay as a commuter, freight and emergency route all the options for replacement have been investigated. The reality is that all options are disruptive and will impact on drivers and the CBD.  

For a more detailed, blow-by-blow account of this please view Updates which record all steps in the project. 

Four-day road closure 

It has been agreed that best option is to close all six lanes for a four-day period over Queens Birthday weekend so multiple crews can work around the clock to replace the pipe - work that would normally take six weeks to be completed in the shortest possible period!

Work will start at about 7pm on Thursday 3 June and the road will reopen before 6am on Tuesday 8 June.

While we will be encouraging drivers to avoid the area and look at alternative travel options where possible we do expect significant disruption to the network and considerable delays.


We encourage everyone to be patient while this work to replace the pipe, ensure the road is safely reinstated and reduce the risk of flooding of the CBD is completed.

For more information about the closure check out our FAQs and updates.