How does it work?

How it works:

You will complete most of the 40-credit certificate is a full-time programme delivered in 6 weeks.

You are required to attend all in-class training and complete all assessments to complete the programme.

You will be supplied personal protective equipment, including steel cap boots, glasses, high-vis and a helmet.

We will offer you a fixed term contract while you’re doing the course and you will be considered for an offer of employment when you finish the course if you:

  • Achieve all the unit standards,
  • Pass the drug test,
  • Attend all classes on time.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team
  • Are reliable, sensible and hard-working
  • Show us that you can work safely around water industry tools and equipment.

Infrastructure Skills Centre Prospectus

Check out our prospectus and discover:

  • What you'll be learning,
  • A week by week overview,
  • Which topics are in the classroom,
  • Which topics are practicals,
  • And when you'll be doing site visits. 

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