Water efficiency is about choosing technology that can get the job done while using less water.  Look for the blue stars on the Water Rating label on new washing machines and showers.  Having a dual flush toilet (so you can flush less water most of the time) is being water efficient.

WaterSaver we are water efficient camel

Water efficiency is about adapting our homes to be water smart, so the kitchen, bathroom and laundry machines and taps run on less water.

To conserve water in the shower you can stop sooner and have a shorter shower.

But if your family changes to a showerhead with less flow rate (but still comfortable) then you are being water efficient.  Installing a cheap flow restrictor in your shower may work too. Check out our info on showerheads and flow restrictors.

Water efficiency is important because…

      water efficiency technology allows the same amount of water that we've always used to go to more homes and workplaces in our growing cities.

How can kiwi kids be water efficient?

"When my family was looking at buying a dishwasher off trademe, I looked for one with a good water efficient rating here. This means it won’t waste our water!"

"I told Dad about the little thing from the plumbing shop and he went and got a flow restrictor for our hot water tap- he’s happy it was so cheap to do!"

"Of course I know about dual flush toilets!!! And that old one at school has a full 2 litre bottle in the cistern to displace the volume of water… so it flushes minus 2 litres each time…"

Do camels store water in their humps or are they just really water efficient?