Reviewing and revising the Regional Standard and Specification

Why are these documents being reviewed?

Regular revisions to the Regional Standard for Water Services (RSWS) and Regional Specification for Water Services (R.Spec) are needed to respond to shifts of policy, best practice, referenced standards and legislation.

To assist in these revisions Wellington Water collects feedback on an ongoing basis on any known errors, omissions and potential improvements.

What is the history of revisions?

Wellington Water published the first RSWS in 2012 and the first R.Spec in 2016.

In 2016, we requested feedback on any known errors, omissions and potential improvements. We had an enthusiastic response to the feedback request, with a significant amount of quality feedback received.

In response, a rolling review was initiated and in May 2019 we published the first minor revisions to address several contradictions and overlaps between the two documents.

Feedback that was not addressed in the first revision was compiled into a project list and prioritised for resolution by an internal Wellington Water steering group. The live feedback record is updated as additional feedback is received, and informs the project list for the next revision.

Although all requests for revisions will eventually be addressed, a rolling review is being used by Wellington Water to revise the prioritised requests on an annual basis.

The next revision to both documents includes responses to a number of the requests that required further research, consultation, and/or direction through policy in order for sensible, clear-cut clauses to be developed. These revisions are anticipated to be finalised by the end of 2020. 

Will there be an opportunity to provide feedback on the next revision before it is finalised?

Yes. The draft revisions of the RSWS and R.Spec will be released for comment before finalisation. The draft revisions will be accompanied by a covering report which addresses the significance of each proposed amendment.

Wellington Water anticipates that the draft will be available for comment during the month of July 2020.

How will you inform people that the draft has been released for comment?

If you want to be sent an email when the draft has been released for comment, please send your name and email address to

Can I provide feedback prior to the draft being released?

Feedback can be submitted at any time via the survey below. Please email any supporting files to