Please be advised that all as-builts will need to use the New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) instead of Wellington 1953 (also known as New City Datum) at the end of June 2022.  We will be allowing a grace period of 6 months where we will be accepting as built data and plans to be submitted in either NZVD2016 or Wellington 1953. From January 1st 2023 any as built data or plan submitted using Wellington 1953 will be rejected until it is updated to be in the new datum.

For any questions relating the NZVD2016 Adaption please contact the DPS Team at

For more information on vertical datums, please visit the Totiū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand website: Vertical datums | Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (

The following can be downloaded here: 

Regional As-Built Specification for Water Services v1.0 - December 2021 

Draughting Manual for Water Services v2.0 - December 2021