Wallace St Road Plates - G.P. Friel

2 / Dec / 2019

We had an out of hours incident on Wallace St where a vehicle with low ground clearance struck a bolt on the high part of the road plate and sustained some damage. The road plate was over a water cut in position and had been installed in accordance with the WWL road plate policy:

Excavator Tipped onto Side - Brian Perry Civil

21 / Nov / 2019

A truck arrived on the Wallace Street Pipeline project to deliver a precast concrete manhole (1.2 ton). The manhole needed to be offloaded and placed in an excavation ready for installation the following morning.

Critical Risk: Potential for Unattended Trucks to Roll Away - Fulton Hogan

20 / Nov / 2019

The potential for an unattended truck to roll away in an out of control manner is a critical risk. This Red Alert supersedes the email issued on the 15 March 2019 which suspended the use of Nissan Truck models; CG380, CG400, CK330, CM180, CW330, CW380, CW400, manufactured between 1993 & 2005.

National Safety Notice: Welded Standpipe Barrels - Fire & Emergency NZ

31 / Oct / 2019

National Safety Notice from Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Truck Reversing - WWL

23 / Aug / 2019

While waiting for another crew member to finish repairing a water pipe, the truck driver of the crew thought he would save time and drive to the main value 50 metres away to get the water main charged up and running to prevent any further delays for Wellington Water customers.