23 / Aug / 2019
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What happened?

While waiting for another crew member to finish repairing a water pipe, the truck driver of the crew thought he would save time and drive to the main value 50 metres away to get the water main charged up and running to prevent any further delays for Wellington Water customers. The truck driver checked his surroundings before reversing back on to the footpath and mistakenly overshoot the footpath by a few cms and his back tyres ended up running on to the wooden car parking deck, he immediately felt the back of the
truck sink, he put his brakes on and got out to access the situation. A tow truck was required to pull the truck from the deck.

Additional information

No obvious hazards surrounding the reversing manoeuvre, but no thought was given to the weight capability of the wooden car deck and the weight of the truck.
The crew member felt rushed to provide Wellington Water customers with the best outcome as soon as possible, though there was no undue pressure put on him by his team or by his managers.

How to avoid this incident

[Actions to take to avoid event type]

  • Always use a spotter when available
  • Do not use a wooden deck as a turning point
  • Always look for turning areas that have good visibility for the driver and the public
  • Consider all conditions with the reversing space, including the ground conditions (also the ground conditions next to/around reversing area)
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