9 / Jan / 2019
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What happened?

Recently an operator almost fell out of an excavator because the front bolts of the seat were missing.

Why did it happen?

The condition of the mobile plant can change at any time. Just because it is regularly serviced does not mean it is always safe to use. When you operate mobile plant, you have a responsibility to ensure that the machine is fir for purpose and safe to use.

How can we stop it happening again?

  • A  prestart inspection must be completed for mobile plant prior to use each day
  • All mobile plant that is fitted with an operator protective structure (ROPS/TOPS) must have a functioning seatbelt which must be worn by operators at all times.
  • If fitted, the seat and seatbelt must have secure anchorage to ensure the operator is safely restrained within the protective structure in the event of a tip-over or roll-over.
  • Small excavators are notoriously unstable, and even through they are small, they still weigh enough to crush a person causing serious injury or death.
  • If the machine you are about to operate is not safe to use, do not use the machine and get it repaired immediately.
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