31 / Oct / 2019
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  • Check all standpipes. If any are found to have welded barrels they are to be removed immediately from service and the Region Equipment Coordinator is to be contacted for a replacement.
  • Replacement will be done on a one for one exchange.
  • Some appliances only carry one standpipe. If this is found to be defective and there is no suitable spare on station the Region Equipment Coordinator should be contacted as soon as possible for an urgent replacement.


  • Recently a standpipe failed under pressure at a point on the barrel that had been repaired by welding.
  • Welding of a standpipe will weaken the alloy by up to 50%.
  • The NZ Standard for firefighting waterway equipment (SNZ PAS 4505) states that “… for this reason standpipes shall never be welded”.


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