9 / Jan / 2019
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What happened?

A concrete saw cutting disc came loose and fell off during operation. no injury occurred to the operator.

Why did it happen?

The adjustment bolts for tightening the drive belt were loose and this caused the cutting disc to fall off.

How can we stop it happening again?

  • Ensure all bolts are secure before use
  • Check equipment:
    - Before use,
    - After use,
    - When receiving equipment,
    - Routine inspection & testing
  • Ensure all dangerous parts are guarded, e.g. chain drives, projecting and engine shafts. Check all guards and fasteners are in place, are secure and in good condition;
  • Operators must be trained and competent to perform the task with the selected tool (or under direct supervision of someone who is).
  • Powdered Actuated Tools must be certified every six months by the manufacturer's agent;
  • Tools are to be removed from service if they are faulty or if testing is out of date.