4 / Feb / 2019
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The beginning and the end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and vehicles outside schools. That’s why it’s important to take extra care in school zones and remember to always give way to pedestrians.

  1. Slow down to 40km/h before entering a school zone and stay aware around pedestrian crossings
  2. At a supervised crossing, observe the directions of the school crossing supervisor
  3. Always park and turn legally around schools
  4. Take extra care when entering and leaving driveways
  5. Manoeuvres such as U-turns and three-point turns can be dangerous in high pedestrian areas

School zones are in place to protect children on their way to and from school, mostly operating between:

  • 8:00am and 9:30am
  • 2:30pm and 4:00pm

The 40km/h school zone speed limit must be observed and adhered to even if school children cannot be seen. To increase awareness of 40km/h school zones, triangular ‘dragon’s teeth’ road marking indicate that the vehicle is entering a school zone.
There is also a 40km/h speed limit for traffic passing a school bus that is setting down or picking up school children. This speed limit is applicable to all traffic travelling in the same direction as the bus, whether the bus is stationary or moving. Lights will flash on the front and back of the bus reminding drivers that there may be children crossing or about to cross the road.

Key learnings

  • Children are unpredictable by nature, always be extra vigilant around schools, particularly during school hours
  • Never exceed the school zone speed limit of 40km/h
  • Always give way to school buses
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